I’m just back from the (most excellent) Child Advocacy Center Management training at the National Child Advocacy Center in Huntsville.  There were many sessions with much great information and I am eager to share it with all our member-centers.  One of the most important discussions we had was on vicarious trauma and secondary PTSD that can subtly–or not so subtly overwhelm our staff as they valiantly try to deal with the barrage of situations related to child sexual abuse, much of which is beyond our control.  This builds up, and can result in compassion fatigue, moodiness and even in team members feeling isolated and mistrusting of their team members.  I am looking forward to helping CAC leaders develop programs and practices that protect staff as well as children.  Building our own resilience allows us to better help others over longer periods of time.

I came across this little gem for helping us take a breather.  It only takes 3 minutes, but can be a huge help, especially if done regularly, a couple times a day.  I found this on the Frantic World website, which has many great tips and free guidance on meditation and stress relief.  This is called the Three Minute Meditation, and the site even has an audio recording to guide you.  Give it a go, and share it with your colleagues.  Little things add up and a little breather can help you maintain your health.