Legislators About to Stiffen Background Checks for Schools

The Maryland General Assembly is deliberating legislation Maryland-2019-HB486 to stiffen the background checks conducted by public school districts.

Please see the recent MCA post regarding the broad coalition supporting S.E.S.A.M.E. (Stop School Employee Sexual Abuse, Misconduct & Exploitation) legislation and the many ways you can help.

The bill, sponsored by Del. C.T. Wilson from Charles County, requires school districts contact prior employers listed by job applicants before hiring those applicants and for teachers to confirm in writing that they’ve never been the subject of a child abuse investigation, unless the allegations were found to be false.  “We don’t do the proper background checks,” Wilson said. “We only do a criminal background check, which is pretty useless in these matters.”

Here is a link to the NBC4 “Slipping Through the Cracks” piece on the SESAME Bill.  Please post on your social media accounts to help spread the word about the bill and its importance in keeping kids safe in schools.

Visit Maryland Essentials for Children for more info.