The CAC of Frederick County had their first “Reading with Heiress” event last week.  They received not only an enthusiastic response from their young participants, they also received great press coverage.  CAC Director, Robin Grove reported that “It was a terrific turnout – about 25 to 30 kids and their caregivers. It was very well received and the kids really took to the material presented, shouting ‘It’s my body and what I say goes!’  We have received a couple requests from pre-K schools and we’re hoping to be included in the library’s programming for the summer.”

Check out their TV coverage HERE.

Heiress is a three year old Yellow Labrador/Golden Retriever that was bred and trained by Canine Companions for Independence.  Her handler is Kristen Dunn, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and forensic interviewer with Frederick County DSS.  Heiress accompanies children during their interviews, during waiting times, and some therapy sessions. “She is quite the amazing addition to our staff”, Robin noted.