Online Courses

Understanding Human Trafficking Online Training

The Understanding Human Trafficking training is a series of five interactive online modules that offer foundational learning on trauma-informed and victim-centered approaches to human trafficking. The modules are designed so that a wide audience can benefit.

Medical Aspects of Child Abuse for the Multidisciplinary Team

Navigating through any or all of the nine available lessons, MDT members can learn more about the medical provider’s role on the team and increase their knowledge regarding the types of injuries and findings common in child abuse cases.

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Orienting Your Medical Provider to the CAC and Multidisciplinary Team

This resource helps walk medical providers through their roles and responsibilities at the CAC, not just in providing medical evaluations but also in being an integral part of the team.

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Webinars and Other Virtual Trainings

From the National Criminal Justice Training Center:

Building a Sex Trafficking Case Without the Victim

Child Sex Trafficking and Gangs

Forced Criminality of Child Sex Trafficking Victims

How Technology is Used to Recruit, Groom and Exploit Victims of Child Sex Trafficking

Human Trafficking: Inside the Survivor’s Mind

Understanding Trauma Bonds Between Traffickers and Their Victims

Boys: The Forgotten Sex Trafficking Victims

Mental Health Responses of CSEC and Other Trauma Survivors

Multidisciplinary Team Investigations: A Victim-Oriented Approach

Prosecuting Sex Traffickers: Strategies for Witnesses in Child Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Cases

Sex Trafficking: Current Trends in Technology

Sextortion Webinar Series: Part 1

Sextortion Webinar Series: Part 2

Trauma and Mental Health Considerations in a Child Sex Trafficking Response

Missing Children on the Autism Spectrum: The Do’s & Don’ts of Response & Interaction

NCA’s Archived Webinars:

OMS Winter 2019/2020 Training Series

Getting to Know NCA’s Cultural Competency and Diversity Standard


Webinar Series “Comprehensive Vicarious Trauma Prevention and Resilience Building Program: Organizational Toolkit”

These 5 part webinar series will introduce trauma and human services agencies to innovative comprehensive organizational vicarious trauma prevention and resilience building programming, divided into 7 key components. You will discover customizable, sustainable, step by step guides to develop and implement provided sample programs, policies, procedures, and case studies pertaining to each of the 7 key components -in order to increase a sense of personal well-being, to build healthy and resilient teams, and to create more successful impactful agency. These series can be used as all-inclusive skill-building core competency tool for new staff, seasoned trauma professionals, as well as members of multidisciplinary teams and task forces.   More info HERE