Resources for Child Advocacy Centers

Maryland Children’s Alliance is committed to supporting its membership through a variety of methods in order to make the difficult work of member CACs just a little bit easier.  On this page you’ll find resources designed to help streamline your administrative processes.

CAC Notebook:

This resource was created to bring together a wealth of information in an easily accessible format.  Remember how you had to search through files for days for passwords?  For your insurance agent’s contact information?  For your lease?  This Notebook was designed as a one-stop place that can be customized to hold all that valuable information.  For instance, add your logo to the cover sheet or any other page.  Or, change section headers as needed.  Not only will this help you, the Notebook will enable you to pass along valuable information to your successor and ensure a smooth transition for your CAC.  If you have PDF Writer, you can make changes in this format.  Here is the Notebook in WORD.  Please email Susan at to get this resource in Publisher format.

MCA Brochure:

You may use this brochure as needed in your community and/or you can modify it to represent your specific CAC.  Please email Susan at to get this resource in Publisher format.