MDT Orientation

Is orientation just about filling out forms and learning the processes and procedures?  Too often, we look at orientation as a way of telling others what they need to know and forget to use the time to get to know who we are.

Use this tool to personalize, customize and HUMANIZE the onboarding of a new CAC staff or integrating a new MDT partner. These materials help you learn about each other as people and colleagues, while learning about CAC systems.

Through a CJAC grant, MCA put together this Orientation Presentation in power point format for you.  It is completely customizable by you for your CAC – from your logo, photos of your MDT partners, and more.   You can use the power point to pull out specific sections that reflect your immediate need – as little or as much of it as you need.

This tool has some great features:

  1. The NCA video about the premise and power of CACs;
  2. Each of the 10 Standards for Accredited Members;
  3. A section about YOUR CAC, that we hope you’ll personalize for your CAC;
  4. Narratives for each slide to guide your discussion or presentation; and
  5. Self-care discussion to show a new employee, at the outset, your commitment to self-care.

Please click HERE to download the PowerPoint Presentation. Once you download the document you will see the Notes section which provides talking points for the person leading the Orientation.  This version will allow you to customize the section specific to your CAC.  Please limit your editing of this document to your CAC section.  Contact MCA if you need any assistance customizing the document; we’ll be happy to help make it exactly what you need!  


CAC Acronyms

Case Review Considerations

Northeast Regional CAC MDT Orientation Manual_May 2020 

Putting Your MDT F.I.R.S.T.

See video HERE

Manual: Putting Your MDT FIRST