Mental Health Standard, September 15, 2020

Mental Health PowerPoint

Interagency Linkage Agreement for Mental Health Referral

Frederick CAC Trauma Therapy Agreement

Gauging the Team: Using Employee Feedback to Identify Workplace Issues and Improve Job Satisfaction, July 29, 2020

CAC Plans for Emerging From Quarantine, July 27, 2020


New York State Packet for Reopening

SRCAC TOOLKIT for Re-emerging CACs

National Standards Adapted for Child Trafficking, July 20, 2020


The National Standards of Accredited Members Adapted for Victims of Child Trafficking

Presentation on Adapted Standards for Victims of Child Trafficking

BCAC Child Trafficking MDT Blueprint 7.20.2020

Presentation on Child Trafficking MDT Response

Cultural Competency, June 6, 2020

Managing Conflict, June 4, 2020

Managing Conflict PowerPoint Presentation

Strategic Planning, May 27, 2020

Strategic Planning Packet 5.26.2020

Victim Advocacy, May 21, 2020

Victim Advoacy in Covid 19 PowerPoint presentation.

Peer Review, May 18, 2020

Peer Review PowerPoint Presentation.

Post Quarantine:  Getting Back to Work, April 27, 2020

Please note, this video may take longer than normal to load.  Click here for the Going Back to Work PowerPoint Presentation.

Succession Planning, April 1, 2020

Click here for the Succession Planning Packet (PowerPoint presentation accompanying this webinar).