Strategies to Engage Legislators for MCA/CAC Legislative Visit Week: 

Sept. 16-20, 2019

Lessons from Wicomico Child Advocacy Center

1 – Identify all local, state, and U.S. legislators that represent your jurisdiction. (In the case of the Wicomico Child Advocacy Center, this is Wicomico County and city officials representing Salisbury. Many of the state legislators represent multiple counties on the Eastern Shore.)

2 – Initiate contact with your City Mayor to let that office know about CAC Legislative Visit Week, Sept. 16, 2019.

3- Initiate contact with some state legislators to invite them to your CAC.

4 – Send letter to your elected officials, especially your State Legislators, with personalized invitation via email and USPS. (Wicomico advice: The same letter was sent to all legislators with personalized addresses and greetings and included details about the visit and some information about the Wicomico Child Advocacy Center.)

5 – Send email invitation to Governor Hogan’s office. You never know where he’ll show up! Maybe at your CAC.

6 – Follow up to confirm elected officials’ participation.


Here is a Sample Agenda for your meeting with legislators.

Check out the WCAC invitation for a sample flyer from the Wicomico County Child Advocacy Center.

Some CACs have provided mock forensic interview for visitors, helping to provide them with a more realistic understanding of the work of a CAC.  Here is a Sample forensic interview for CACs and legislators from the Baltimore Child Abuse Center.

Here is a Certificate of Appreciation Template to help recognize CAC supporters.

For the Word or PowerPoint versions of the above documents, please contact