MCA Supports Human Tracking Initiative

Governor Larry Hogan has announced a series of initiatives to combat human trafficking in Maryland by providing additional support for trafficking victims and pursuing innovative strategies and harsher punishments for traffickers.

In support of these initiatives, the Child Advocacy Center Best Practices Workgroup, co-staffed by the Maryland Children’s Alliance, the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention, and the Department of Human Services is researching and developing a protocol to help identify and provide services to child human trafficking victims for Child Advocacy Centers. This trauma-informed approach will broaden the types of services available to child victims of human trafficking.

The measures announced by the Governor’s Office include the appointment of an anti-human trafficking expert, $5 million in funding, additional support for victims, and increased collaboration between the state and local law enforcement. The new executive order also includes more than $4 million in new grants to target gangs and violent criminal networks as part of the Maryland Criminal Intelligence Network (MCIN).

Click HERE to see the full announcement from the Governor’s Office.

More information about human trafficking in Maryland may be found at GOCCP and through the Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force (MHTTF).    Check out the data and other information on the Maryland page of the National Human Trafficking Hotline website.