The Child Advocacy Center or Frederick County participated in a wide variety of events in recognition of Child Abuse Prevention Month, including being the recipient of six proclamations, supporting WearBlue Day, and sponsoring a remembrance ceremony in their Healing Garden (the bricks are dedicated to children who have died as a result of abuse), a Blue Worship Weekend, an Amazing Military Kids’ Festival at Ft. Detrick, and their annual interagency Basketball Tournament, hosted by the Frederick Police Dept.  “Lots going on!”

Facility Dog, Hodge, at Frederick City and County proclamation ceremony

Middletown Proclamation, “What, another proclamation for me!”, said Hodge

Department of Social Services’ WearBlue Day

Islamic Society participates in the interfaith Healing Garden Remembrance ceremony

Song dedicated to healing

State’s Attorney’s Office WearBlue Day

Thurmont Proclamation

County Executive Gardner and Mayor O’Conner

Asian American Center WearBlue Day

Emmitsburg Proclamation