About Maryland Children’s Alliance

A private nonprofit organization, Maryland Children’s Alliance is accredited by the National Children’s Alliance as a State Chapter to serve as a convener of children’s advocacy centers (CACs) across Maryland.

Representing a collaborative effort among our membership, staff, and the Board of Directors, Maryland Children’s Alliance provides support services to existing and emerging children’s advocacy centers and serves as a leading resource on the CAC model within the state, promoting system-wide improvements for abused children and helping to make our communities safer.

The primary goal of Maryland Children’s Alliance is to ensure that every jurisdiction in Maryland is offering collaborative, evidence-based investigative and treatment services in response to allegations of child abuse.  We work with local CACs from Allegany to Worcester counties to serve our most vulnerable citizens, our children.

The Maryland Children’s Alliance and our local child advocacy centers believe that every child victim of sexual violence or trauma needs a safe, supportive environment to share their experiences and begin their healing process.  A child comes to a local children’s advocacy center and tells his or her story to a trained professional who works as part of a collaborative team, preventing  additional trauma from having to tell this story repeatedly.  A circle of care surrounds the child and family including victim and family advocates, law enforcement, child protective services, social workers, forensic interviewers, medical personnel and other professionals.  Together, this multidisciplinary team makes decisions about how best to help the child survive and thrive.

In Maryland, 24 local children’s advocacy centers respond to over 6,000 children each year for allegations of sexual abuse, sexual assault and other maltreatment of children.  The majority of the centers are accredited by the National Children’s Alliance (NCA), having met rigorous standards to ensure best practice care of child victims.   Associate NCA members have completed substantial planning towards the establishment of a fully functioning center and are working toward full accreditation.  To find out more about membership in the National Children’s Alliance, visit their website.