MCA joins other advocates in Annapolis for a hearing on House Bill 1007 which will help ensure every child in Maryland has access to an accredited children’s advocacy center (CAC). Following a report of child abuse or neglect, a child should be seen promptly at a nationally accredited CAC, where he or she can talk with a trained forensic interviewer in a child-friendly setting, thus reducing trauma of multiple interviews by different agencies, and helping to create trustworthy legal evidence if needed.  Accredited CACs also take part in multidisciplinary teams that collaborate to get the best outcomes, and provide medical evaluation, family support and mental health services. While many child centers in the state try to meet this best practices standard of service, many lack the infrastructure or resources to do so.

Photo on Right, Front to Back:  Patty McCardle from Friends of Frederick County CAC joins MCA Chapter Director, Susan Hansell, and Joyce Lombardi, BCAC’s Director of Government Relations and Legal Services.