Report Abuse


Please call 911 if you are in an emergency situation.

Children rely on the adults in their lives to help keep them safe. Children need us to pay attention to some of the common warning signs of child abuse and neglect.

But we know that one in ten children are not safe and are affected by child sexual abuse.  We each can take a stand to be ready to act should we suspect or know that a child is in danger.

If you suspect a child under the age of 18 has been abused or molested or is at risk of being abused or molested, don’t wait!

In Maryland, all reports of suspected child abuse are immune from civil liability unless they are purposefully erroneous or malicious.

If you suspect that a child is being abused please call the local department of social services in your area.  Click here for the addresses of the Social Services Offices near you, or  you can also go to our Children’s Advocacy Center page and find a children’s advocacy center near you for help.

  • 800-332-6347 Statewide Maryland telephone number where you can report child abuse and neglect. (Source – Child Welfare Information Gateway – revised 3/2016)
  • 800-656-4673 National Sexual Assault Hotline Available 24 hours everyday
  • 800-422-4453 (Childhelp) A national child abuse hotline with a crisis counselor available by phone, 24/7

Some of the signs of abuse  (Mayo Diseases and Conditions Child Abuse)

  • Withdrawal from friends or usual activities
  • Changes in behavior or changes in school performance
  • Depression, anxiety or unusual fears or a sudden loss of self-confidence
  • An apparent lack of supervision
  • Frequent absences from school or reluctance to ride the school bus
  • Reluctance to leave school activities, as if he or she doesn’t want to go home
  • Attempts at running away
  • Rebellious or defiant behavior
  • Attempts at suicide



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